Websites to look at:






museum of modern art

dunedin public art gallery

christchurch art gallery

museum in prado, spain

artchive (search for an artist)

Piero della Francesca

Art History Revision Quizzes

The Art Institute of Chicago

Pencil Drawing

Art Terms

Art Terms 2

Art Terms - NZQA website

Met Museum - (timeline)

Art Factory - (perspective diagram)

Alberti 'On Painting' - (art History)

Italian Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings Gallery

History of Paintings

The Paul Getty Museum - Understanding Formal Analysis

Adolescent Literacy Teachers

Slinkachu - Installation Photography

Manu Pombrol - Surreal Self Portraits, Photography

Manu Pombrol - Surreal Self Portraits, Photography 2

Manu Pombrol - Photography

AlbulenaPanduri - Surreal Photography

Digital Photography Tips

instructables - technology

Build a Bridge - Architecture

How to use Google Sketch up - video

How Bridges work

What can lego teach us about structural engineering?

What can Jenga teach us about structural engineering?

Shoes- peoples shoes and why they choose to wear them

Photoshop Essentials - the basics

Picnik - online editing program

Lisa Reihana

Lisa Reihana - the mist madien "Hinepukohurangi"

Lisa Reihana- Sea Monster "marakihau"

Rendering for architeture

Rachel Rakena

Marti Friedlander 1

Marti Friedlander 2

Marti Friedlander 3

Burton Brothers

Thinking with Type

How to choose a typeface

Sofia Minson - NZ Painter

Poster Design

Digi Image - Photoshop Effects for Ads to show awesome control of techincal skills

3D paper shapes - Architecture

Frame rates for animation comparison 8 -15

Starting in imovie

Speeding up frames in imovie